Cute, fun and inexpensive date ideas

Cute, fun and inexpensive date ideas

You want to impress on a first date or want to do something special for your significant other but don’t know how without becoming broke? Here are a few ideas for how to kindle the romantic fire without burning a hole in your wallet:

  1. Make dinner together or have a picnic. It doesn’t have to be a filet mignon night, just whatever is in the fridge and get creative. If you want, find a simple recipe online, go grocery shopping together and then get cooking. You are working together and soon you will see if you are a true team or nothing but opponents. Add some candles and dim the lights or have dinner outside where you can either see the sunset or later on when you can go stargazing afterwards.
  2. Movie marathon. If the weather is bad outside, this idea is perfect. Whether you are both Rocky or Disney fans, a movie marathon creates a great time for bonding. Even if you both have different tastes, you can alternate between each other’s favourite movies and comment on what you like or didn’t like about them afterwards. Get your favourite munchies out as well. It also works as a great excuse to wear comfy clothes and not have to buy an expensive outfit for a formal dinner.
  3. Go on a hike. The weather is getting nicer so why not enjoy it while getting a bit of exercise for your new swimsuit body too? Instead of going to the movies, staring at a big screen and not being able to talk to each other, this idea will help you both to talk about things that interest you. This was my first date with my boyfriend and we ended up talking about so much. Also, if it starts to rain, you can sneak a kiss in.
  4. Scrapbook. Remember all those little mementos that you kept? Scrapbook them with your significant other. Put in photos and little descriptions of what you both thought of the moment. That way on your milestones, you can look back at the scrapbook and see how far you both have come.
  5. Board Game Night. Get you, your significant other, your friends (both taken and single) together and have a fun night of playing board games. Make it a BYOG (bring your own game) and you will have fun playing your childhood favourites while learning new games as well.


If you have any fun ideas to share, leave a comment. Otherwise, give these a try and let me know how they go!


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother


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