No more honeymoon, no problem!: How to keep the love alive, realistically

No more honeymoon, no problem!: How to keep the love alive, realistically

Hey everyone! Sorry about not writing for a month (again!). I have been doing my research for this blog based on recent events and I am thankful that you all have been patient. I truly promise to write more and will start to make a blogging schedule.

So, you remember the first few months of your relationship? How every other second was who loves who more and spontaneous romance? Then, your relationship continues and you know the love is still there but the crazy romance isn’t. Why? Life happened.

You and your significant other have many priorities in your lives and if you are in a healthy relationship, your relationship is still one of them. You don’t love each other less; in fact, you love each other more as you both are facing this crazy little thing called life together.

Here are some tips to assure you that everything is okay, even when not in honeymoon mania:

1. Be patient. Life gets busy and if they are avoiding you and still making an effort to talk to you, even though it’s not as much as it used to be, don’t worry. Your loved one is still thinking about you.
2. Let them express their love the way they want. If your significant other doesn’t like pet names but would rather tell you how amazing you are, that’s great! By letting them be natural, they will surprise you. You both are different people do why expect the same means of expression?
3. Be realistic. Don’t compare your definition of romance to the movies. Be the Stephen Spielberg of your own relationship.
4. Let things go. If you are comparing your current relationship to your past ones, stop. Remember: love is not a mystery if you make the past history.

Love is not complicated and relationships don’t have to be. Trust each other and trust yourself.

The Modern Day Fairy Godmother


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