An age old question: can exes be friends?

An age old question: can exes be friends?

Hello lovelies!

I know this question gets asked a lot and many of you are divided on this issue. Nevertheless, after years of searching for this answer and living through my own experiences, my stance is that exes cannot be friends.

I used to think that exes can be friends if the breakup was mutual but is it ever truly mutual? We are all different people with different ways of expressing ourselves that love can run deeper in one’s heart than it did another. No one ever loves exactly the same way as another person.

What had me thinking about this issue? About a month ago, I was thinking of burying the hatchet with Vince and becoming the friends that we used to be prior to our relationship. Ironically, he texted me the next day, wishing me a happy birthday. We talked things through and he apologized. Things started looking well, right?

Well, he was once immature and he has proven that he will always be immature. I found that it was always me making efforts to contact him and it seemed like he was avoiding contact with me, even though he initiated it. Whenever we did speak, it was always about his drunk and high misadventures. To top it all off, he always tried playing mind games by insinuating that he had a girl or two in his life. After three years, you would have thought that he would have gotten his act together.

Moral of the story: leopards don’t change their spots. Who your ex was will mark who they always will be.

The Modern Day Fairy Godmother

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