Through The Flames

Through The Flames

You all probably thought this way at one time or another. This blogger couldn’t explain it better

Absence of Malice


When I lived with her we drank 7 & 7’s (basically whisky and diet sprite) all the time. We went through a couple half-gallons a week pretty much drinking every night after work until we went to sleep, sometime around midnight. While the whisky drinking went on for two years or so it never felt embarrassing or alcoholic-ish. It seemed more legit and classy than drinking beer and was less noisy. When we broke up and I was inevitably forced to live with my parents again for the first time in ten years, I decided to have a 7 & 7 again to enjoy while I took my tail between my legs to my childhood bedroom. This childhood bedroom was no longer draped in Yankees posters and pullouts of heavy metal bands. It now had purses my mom decided to decoratively hang around the room. Did I mention the finely…

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