“Is marriage outdated?”-A review of a discussion from tv show Bethenny (TD)

Today, while watching Bethenny (TD) with my mother, a topic came up that raised a brow: is marriage outdated?

All I could think about was how biased the discussion was. The host, Bethenny Frankel, was divorced, most of her guest stars, Audrey O’Day, and Russell Peters, were perhaps not the best people to consider experts. Get counsellors on the show and we can have an intelligent conversation or perhaps we can have the conversation here!

Is marriage outdated? While I don’t condemn anyone who doesn’t want to marry, to say that marriage is outdated is false. Marriage cannot be compared to a fashion trend. Of course less people are getting married than previous generations but marriage is still something special. It is more than a certificate. It is a lifelong promise and I think most people fail to see that when the option to divorce becomes an easy one (not always but some people regard the solidity of a marriage like that of a relationship).

Tell me what you think!


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother


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