Blinkers are Just a State of Mind

How I feel now after two months since my breakup

Absence of Malice

     Sometimes when I’m driving I come to a weird turn or curve when I’m not sure if it calls for using my blinker or not. It may be that the road by name curves but my path is straight so I use the blinker to exit the main road. When in doubt I usually just use the blinker to be safe, especially if there is another driver at a stop sign waiting to see what I’m going to do. I’m happy to signal to the other driver that I’m not going to be in his way so he can continue his journey. 

     While using a blinker is necessary when driving a car, it isn’t needed or even practical in real life. We all go about our days with a plan we are trying to execute. Get up, go to work, go to food store, go home, watch TV…

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By The Modern Day Fairy Godmother Posted in dating life

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