Do You Trust Me?

Do You Trust Me?

We think of trust as a given but truly trust is earned. This is a blog that I can relate with in light of my last relationship

Little Growing Pains

Aladdin asked the question as he beckoned Jasmine onto the magic carpet. Jack asked the same of Rose right as she was about to jump.

“Do you trust me?”

Four words. Probably the most difficult question four words can create.

You asked me once with your hands behind your back, and I said yes with my fingers crossed. Neither of us really knew how to trust at all.

And now we’re here with a lifetime of what-ifs and should-haves and whys, but I trusted you in all the ways I could. You wanted more than I had. You didn’t mean what you said when you said you could save me.

Someone asked me again today. “Don’t you trust me?” they joked as I tactfully criticized their argument.

I don’t trust you anymore. I don’t believe you.

“Sure I trust you,” I reply with a smile. “Of course I trust you.”

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This is Marriage

This is Marriage

I absolutely love this! This is how I wish my future marriage to be like

Carrie Cariello

Right now I’m sitting in a hospital waiting room. Or, to be exact, I’m sitting in the hallway outside of the waiting room, at a workstation specifically designed for people like me. People who are waiting in a hospital.

I am waiting for Joe. At this moment, he is gowned and unconscious, undergoing a surgery called a discectomy, where they cut a teeny tiny hole in his lower back and shave away the bulging disc that’s been infringing on his sciatic nerve since Father’s Day.

This bulging disc has likely been in progress for years—decades, even. Years of poor posture and carrying toddlers and stacking wood has contributed to the slow pop of an unhappy disc. And finally, a heavy deadlift at Crossfit was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

About an hour ago I watched while Joe undressed and put on his pale blue hospital gown. I watched him kick off…

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A Mini WordPress Vacation (NOT!)

A Mini WordPress Vacation (NOT!)

Hey everyone!

Sorry that I haven’t been able to blog lately and this is not much of a blog post. Nonetheless, I am informing you all that I am taking a temporary hiatus once again but will be setting a permanent date as to when my next post will be: December 3rd.

It will be hard as I have been getting into the habit of blogging every day for NaBloPoMo and it is disappointing that I will no longer be partaking in this challenge. It seems that graduate school is not leaving me much time for my creative side.

Don’t despair! If anything, I will be gathering more research for my future blog posts as I will be posting almost daily in the month of December, just in time for New Year’s Resolutions. Hopefully, I will sneak in a club night at the end of this week and I can experience the craziness that involves being newly single.

Have an amazing week and if you are like me who is going through reports and midterms, best of luck!


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother


A little bit about me

A little bit about me

This questionnaire is the product of suzi81’s blog and I highly recommend you partake in it. Just link back to her blog! 

1. Why have you chosen your blog name?

The Modern Day Fairy Godmother was named so because everyone used to call me The Fairy Godmother. I was also writing a book on love advice but I found that a blog would be much more immediate. The addition of the word “Modern” was to show that I was not going to be stereotypical and always kept things realistic, hence the slogan “No Pumpkin Carriages, Just Healthy Relationships and One Day, Happy Marriages”. 

2. When you have an hour of free-time, what do you do?

How about a MINUTE? I almost never watch T.V., so I lie down on my couch and watch my favourite shows or I go out with my friends. You need to treat yourself but lately, my schedule hasn’t allowed it.

3. If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what would it be?

Nine years old. Things were so simple back then and peers didn’t start getting mean until the year after. 

4. If you could learn to do something, what would it be?

I want to learn how to cook. I feel like I would be the most creative in my recipes by using ingredients that are not so common.

5. What would be the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?

My dream house.

6. What is the thing that makes you absolutely unique?

My inner strength. I often underestimate it but not a lot of people can go through what I have been through.

7. What is your favourite blog?

I don’t have a favourite as all the blogs I follow have something unique to give. Honestly, I read everything on my Reader like the morning paper.

Give this questionnaire a try!


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother

What You Can Do If You Are Mentally Weak

What You Can Do If You Are Mentally Weak

Rise above challenges and be strong

Life is for Living Every Day

Do you consider yourself to be mentally strong?  Some days I feel like I am superwoman, while on other days I am more of an emotional wreck (and there are many more of the latter than the former).

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“Cuz I gotta have faith”

“Cuz I gotta have faith”

Hey everyone,

Tonight, my brother Cristiano and I were talking about our goals and ambitions. He dreams of playing soccer professionally and I know that opportunities await him as he actively pursues his passion for the sport and has the talent. Although speaking of the cornucopia of possibilities that he could encounter made me happy for him, I was saddened at the fact that I didn’t pursue my own goals.

When I was younger, any dream I had, whether it be a professional singer, a make-up artist or an author, was crushed the moment it was voiced. I know I still have all the time in the world to pursue those dreams but life got in the way and my success for my efforts hasn’t been as immediate as I would have hoped it to be.

Cristiano told me that he knew that I would have success and told me about his inspiration: a soccer player named Mario Götze. Mario was told that he wasn’t that good but this underdog made it big and his talent was recognized. What was his motto? Faith.

I think this would apply to any aspect of life, including relationships. Strive for your happiness. It will come. It may take some time but never lose faith.

A strategy I will be employing is one that Cristiano’s English teacher, Mr. Hammond, came up with. Mr. Hammond wants to get back in stellar shape; thus in order to encourage himself, he wrote the following message in marker on his bathroom mirror:

”No Excuses”.

We truly have no excuses for following our ambitions, not even doubt.

Don’t let anyone stop you from your own goals in life, not even yourself.


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother

Doing the Hard Things

Doing the Hard Things

Do things for you

Inkstains & Grace

This morning, I woke up knowing that today I was going to do something difficult for me. There was a large to-do list waiting on me. It was also my only day off for the next couple of weeks. It’s been a super busy week, and I was so tired. I had a valid excuse for backing out.

I waited until the last possible moment to get ready, to get some breakfast, and any other last minute things I could think of. Even though I had been up for quite some time. It was a productive couple of hours. Some time in the Word. A giant leap forward in my novel, which is way behind thanks to my crazy schedule and awesome procrastination techniques.

I knew it was something I needed to do.

So, I planned to wear my awesome new race t-shirt. But it was kind of cold outside this morning…

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