Post-Halloween Regrets

Post-Halloween Regrets

Halloween. One of the scariest nights of the year. I had fun with many of my friends but as per usual, something went bump in the night.

As we are dancing on the dance floor, I see a cute guy dressed up as a cop. His friend came over and we were chatting. He asked me who I was dressed up as and I said Aphrodite. He asked me who I was going to put my spell on tonight and I said hopefully his friend. So he helped me out and got the cute cop dancing with me.

His name was Mickey. Mickey and I seemed to hit it off. We couldn’t stop talking to one another. Unfortunately, he had two left feet but his ballroom skills were what saved him.

He spent a good part of the night with me and seemed like a true gentleman. He asked for my number and I got his before I sent him mine.

Everything changed after that.

He started flirting with every girl that breathed. I was ignored for the rest of the night.

Also, his friend who was friends with one of my friends told me that he was just being a wingman.

We are all hypothesizing that it was part of a bet to see who could get the most numbers. People need to seriously grow up!

It’s obvious that by how mad I was that I’m not ready to return to the dating world and will be taking a conscious step back from it. The relationship that I need to work on now is the one with myself.

Got any post-Halloween regrets or need advice? You can now email me at


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