Quick to pull the trigger but not get shot: a lesson learned

Quick to pull the trigger but not get shot: a lesson learned

Our hearts are just about healed and when we go out into the dating world, there is one thing that we like to participate in: the blame game.

I confess that I, as reflected in my last post, have done this and I know what many of my followers’ responses are: YOU THINK?!

I did create a double standard. Why is it that I could dance with every guy there is and get their numbers but a guy can’t simply talk to other girls? Putting things into perspective, it wasn’t right to call Mickey out. Nonetheless, I know why I felt that way.

I am a serial monogamist. I don’t do serial dating. I don’t know how but it goes against every fibre of my being. All of my former boyfriends were exclusive with me from the start. It usually took no more than a month to become official as I previously knew them as friends.

Mickey doesn’t fit that mould and I think that it’s a good thing. I applied the serial monogamist approach to him when like me, he is in his twenties and is just trying to figure out what he wants.

Also, a BIG misunderstanding occurred. I was talking to my friend, Lorenzo, whom I have known since first year of university. On Halloween night, I thought that Lorenzo’s girlfriend, Rachel, told me that her friend told her that Mickey was only with me because he was being a good wingman.

When I told Lorenzo this, he shook his head and explained that I had it all wrong. Rachel was trying to explain to me that her friend was proud that he was a good wingman for Mickey (which he was!). I felt so silly for thinking otherwise.

Despite all this, Mickey and I have remained in contact since the event. He’s asked me to hang out and we are meeting up for coffee Friday night.

Honestly, give someone a chance! Don’t let the fear of getting hurt ruin what you may have right in front of you. If by the second date you find that they are not for you, walk then.

Everyone has faults. Why are you allowed to not have any?


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother


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