The Illusion of Change and the Cat Lady

The Illusion of Change and the Cat Lady

Is it good to change if your partner suggests it? Only if it is truly benefcial for you!

Absence of Malice

     “If he/she really loves you he/she won’t try to change you.” This entry is going to border on rant mode but I have been hearing that statement my whole life and I would really like to break that fucker down. For some reason, I imagine the subject saying it to be a smug little one that has little to no relationship experience yet loads of advice they deem pertinent to share. They always know how to fix yours and everybody else’s problems but they sit at home Friday night and play with the cat watching Friends reruns. (I have no problem with staying home Friday nights (Maybe even with a couple drinks too…can I do a parenthesis inside of one?) nor do I have a problem with cats even if their dander corrupts my immune system like drinking a jar of MRSA. Finally, Friends is my second favorite show of all…

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