Living Proof

Living Proof

In the words of Oprah, I had my “AHA!” moment with this blog

Simply Solo: Single girl starting over - follow the journey

I recently found myself watching – enjoying – a Say Yes to the Dress marathon.

Three short years ago, I purged my life of everything wedding. My bridal magazine subscription haunted me and I avoided checking the mail for weeks on end. For longer than I’d like to admit, I dreaded attending weddings. Even though I was happy for the couple, I was miserable inside. Whether it was jealousy that it wasn’t me in the white dress, sadness from losing my own special day, or general negativity over the institution of marriage, I never thought I would be OK again.

Then, at a wedding a few weeks ago, after the vows were said and the reception began, I had Chef spot me as I climbed in four inch heels up on a tractor. For a photo opp, of course.

Please note the importance of this picture: This is me having…

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