Let it happen

Let it happen

My motto right here!

Jameson Wilds

The truth about love is that it’s simpler to find than what we realize.
The truth is that it can be found anywhere and everywhere.
It doesn’t hide under a rock or at the end of the rainbow.
It doesn’t need to be watered like a plant or fed like a child.
Love is actions and words rolled up into a feeling that we crave to feel.
We yearn to give it and to receive it.
But yet we fight it unintentionally and intentionally.
We seek it where we know we won’t get it from and we run from it when it comes from someplace we don’t wish to go.
Love isn’t difficult.
We choose to make it difficult.
We choose to stand in our own ways and to help love fail.
We need to be open to it, embrace it and to simply let it happen.
When we can…

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