The Guy Rules

The Guy Rules

Hey everyone,

As a Christmas gift, my friend Jesse gave me a framed picture of the dating rules for guys that we created. This could really be used for either gender.

1. A man is NOT the whole dessert; he is the cherry on top.
2. It’s not me, it’s HIM; there’s NEVER a reason to wonder why YOU weren’t good enough.
3. NO phone numbers until the END of a party (no texts until the next day).
4. He gives up the number FIRST.
5. Don’t think you’ll meet “the one” at a club.
6. You only get one free-be rant per guy when things go bad.
7. There must be a month between dating guys.
8. Ice cream and a sad movie is always good after a bad night.
9. I need to be the supervisor of my own life, NOT the busboy working for them.
10. Get to know a man before dating them.
11. Don’t be an “Agenda” girl; just naturally be me.
12. Don’t treat every guy like an interview.
13. Don’t find love; let love find you.

This list might not work for everyone but it works for me. Got an item to add? Tell me in the comments!


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother


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