Post Holiday Reflections

Post Holiday Reflections

Hey everyone,

I hope that your holidays went well and you are all looking forward to 2014. I had an amazing Christmas and would argue that it was even better single than it was last year.

Considering that my last Christmas was my first one where I wasn’t single, it may seem strange for me to say this. Nevertheless, I will explain why this Christmas was so much better.

I found that I got back to what I love most about Christmas: family traditions. I didn’t feel the time nor financial constraints that I felt last year and that weight off my shoulders was a relief. I was around people who are always there for me and it made me so happy to know that this love will always surround me.

Additionally, I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin and I think that it took me being single to get here. For the first time in my life, a man is a nice thing to have and not a need. There are just so many things that I want to do with my life such as travel and try new things that if a man is right for me, he needs to join me in my adventure and not stop me from it.

I hope that this story can be inspirational to singles out there. Remember you are wonderful being you and that shouldn’t change if you are single or not.


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother


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