What Does It Take To Make You Happy?

What Does It Take To Make You Happy?

Thought provoking

Vincent Egoro

We all desire to be happy and fulfilled, but too often, we demand too much of ourselves, others, and life in general. We take things too seriously and set strict criteria for what will make us happy. For some of us, when these criteria are not met, we develop attitudes that would make things worse; we become agitated and anxious, proving to be a thorn in the flesh of those around us.

Poor attitude has ruined many a relationship. So many relationships fail because one or both of the partners involved demanded too much of the other. Folks, “not everyone is perfectly neat, beautiful, charming, loving, funny, or attentive all the time. Life isn’t a romance novel. Barbie and Ken are plastic.”

When you find yourself becoming so anxious and worried when things don’t go your way, ask yourself;

What does it take to make me happy?

Do I have…

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