Loving myself

Loving myself

Hey everyone,

Sorry that I haven’t been posting as much as I used to. With being a full-time student, part-time server, intern and blogger, things can get chaotic. Nevertheless, I hope that you have been enjoying my reblogs and I will try to post once a week. Keep up the great work that you all have been doing and the ones who seem to have fallen off the face of the earth, WHERE ARE YOU?

I heard the quote time and time again:
“In order to love someone, you must first learn to love yourself”.

I never really understood nor appreciated its message until now.

The five months that I have been single have been the best. I really got to understand who I was and learned that I have been neglecting a proper relationship with myself for far too long.

What made me so insecure? Getting heartbroken, bullied, cheated on three times and emotionally abused…yup that would do it!

I thought that love could validate that I was an okay person but God provided me the miracle of getting time for myself.

I gained my confidence, lost 11 pounds, dropped two dress sizes and don’t need a man to complete my life. Sure a man would be a nice bonus but I’m okay without, something that my brain is still trying to adjust to.

My friends and family are now my everything. My heart is no longer broken, just my muscles from working out so much.

Whenever I find an old remnant of my past relationship, I just throw it out as I know that who I was then wasn’t the true me. Who I am now is someone I forgot about a long time ago.

Most importantly, I can laugh at myself which comes in handy if you are a klutz like me. Overall, I am feeling FANTASTIC!

Live. Laugh. Love.

These are life’s basic pleasures. Enjoy them!


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother


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