Stop Being Desperate because Valentine’s Day is coming up!

Stop Being Desperate because Valentine’s Day is coming up!




And if I haven’t mentioned it already, STOP IT!

You are not going to die because you are single. The end of the world is not near because you are single. Your precious self will not vanish because you are single.

When you are this desperate not to be single, you know what you lose?

  1. Morals and Values
  2. Love for your self

Like any single girl, I’m dreading Valentine’s Day because I wasn’t single last year. However, this will be my 20th Valentine’s Day single and every one of them prior to this one have been incredible as I had the chance to spend time with family. Although I must admit, the extra PDA and early Valentine’s Day propoganda are getting a bit annoying.

I’m proud to say that I have never been desperate for Valentine’s Day. Of course, it got lonely at times but I didn’t go on a quest to have some arm candy for only one night. After all, it is Valentine’s DAY not Valentine’s week, month or year.

Unfortunately, I had to be the victim of such desperation. This past week, a guy from my high school named Zack added me on social media. I knew him from some friends in my circle and hadn’t spoken to him in a while. Most of all, I was surprised at his transformation from shy and dorky to a confident body builder, something that interested me as I have been focused on fitness.

We spoke for a bit and he was quite forward by complimenting me on my looks. I didn’t mind too much but saying that someone in their twenties hasn’t aged when it’s a youthful age to begin with, is an exaggeration. 

I kept asking him simple questions such as how he was but he wasn’t answering any of them and would often go off topic. He was getting vague to the point where I couldn’t comprehend him. He asked me if we should meet up and I asked him if we could exchange numbers.

He asked me to give him my number and he would fit me into his schedule. First of all, I’m to be a priority, not an option but he could have possibly just been cracking a joke. I replied that he should give me his and I would fit him into mine.

His response said it all:

“Are you sure mine will fit?”

Ladies and Gentleman, we have a CERTIFIED DOUCHEBAG on our hands.

Needless to say, we haven’t spoken since. I was going to try online dating as I have been meeting men like Zack at clubs and people like Pete with friends but at this rate, I’m postponing signing up until March. I don’t need to be entering Desperation Nation.

My mother made an important comment when I was younger. She said that she hated Valentine’s Day because everyday should be Valentine’s Day. It is true. If you are going to love someone, show it everyday and not the 45th day of every year. 

In the words of Ricky Martin, don’t be a “desperado underneath [their] window”. Invest that effort of trying to get someone instead in your family and friends. These people will love you unconditionally.

STOP IT! Got it?


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother


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