Is it just me or is Juan Pablo getting on everyone’s nerves?

He’s sexy. He’s single. He’s an idiot. He’s Juan Pablo from The Bachelor .

Like most women, I was excited when Juan Pablo was announced as the new bachelor. He seemed like a nice guy and was a nice sight.

The season started out with him being really nice to all the girls and always keeping his daughter in mind. Prince Charming seemed to be portrayed perfectly on T.V.

However, we got to see the true side of Juan Pablo. He apparently made a comment by how he thought gay people were more perverse when he is playing tonsil hockey with multiple girls. Also, he claims that he wants to make his daughter proud but when he gets to second base with one of the girls, he seems to take no blame and blames Claire, one of the girls.

You really want to make your daughter proud? How about not breaking up with someone on their birthday? That was one of the coldest things I have seen on the show and I have been a loyal viewer for the past decade.

Right now, I can’t be bothered to watch the show. In my opinion, he’s not finding love but boosting his own ego.

Your thoughts?


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother


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