Zack does a Hat Trick: will people ever learn?

Zack does a Hat Trick: will people ever learn?

Hey everyone,

So here is a quick update for you before I have to bury my head in books in order to study for my midterm tomorrow. This happened prior to Montreal (literally a day before!) but I have so many updates to share that I have to post them in this order that doesn’t seem consecutive.

I was packing for Montreal when I get a message from Zack, asking if he could show me a picture of his fitness progress. I started laughing because how was my lack of conversation for approximately two weeks an invitation?

My mother and I are close so I filled her in on what was going on with Zack. She took a different approach: she thought that I misinterpreted his intentions and that I should give him a chance. I knew that she was naïve and I had to prove her wrong.

So I message him “sure” and all I had to do was turn the phone towards my mother and she was eating her words.

It was a selfie of him in nothing but boxer briefs and well, he was giving a new definition to “tightie-whities”. He asked me what I thought and I knew that his ego was on the line, so I bursted his bubble.

“It’s nice”.


“No buts, it’s nice”.

“So what has been your excuse for not texting me?”

“Just been really busy getting ready for my trip”.

At that moment, when I assumed he realized that I had more important things in my life than him, he stopped contacting me but will continuously stalk me on social media (big surprise there).

People, you are not going to attract everyone you want. Look at your approach and your attitude. If it is not working out with multiple people, you need to re-evaluate how you can be a better significant other.

A relationship is a package deal but it is not about “the package”. So get your mind out of the gutter and allow your heart to flutter!


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother



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