Trying something new

Trying something new

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the crazy hiatus. I am finally done exams and ready to focus on not just one blog but two! Check out my new blog: It’s the story of my blended family and all the daily hassles that come with six people living in 1060 squared feet.

So I have decided to try something new: online dating. The reason why I chose to do this was because I felt like I was meeting guys in all the wrong places. When I meet guys at the club, they only want one thing and when I meet guys through friends, I find that they don’t know what they want.  So, I wanted to try online dating, so that way I can screen these guys and really be able to go for what I want.

It amazed me how picky I have become. I mean, how hard is to find a non-smoking, non-binge drinking, educated, intelligent, somewhat religious, non-vegan nor vegetarian, athletic, tall, dark and handsome guy who knows how to cook and is in their early to mid-twenties? Apparently, a lot harder than I thought.

I already had one guy disappoint me, named Rob. We lived so close to one another and the conversation was going great until I found out that he lied about being a smoker on his profile. I had to let him go.

There have been some flakes, some crazy old perverts and some guys who may just have potential. Time will tell if I will find the right guy but I know that I won’t settle for less than I deserve.

However, I am going to give some much needed advice for anyone who wants to try online dating:

  1. Don’t let the enormous amount of views get to your head. Your soulmate is probably not looking at your profile within the first hour of activation.
  2. Display a clear picture of yourself which means one that is not blurry, nor with one of you wearing sunglasses, nor a side profile, nor one of you looking downwards nor with five thousand people. A nice headshot that shows your face will do the trick.
  3. Be honest with the information you put on your profile. The truth always come out eventually.
  4. We know when your account is a fake. We have been plastered with pictures of celebrities. We know you are not twenty two when your hair is all grey. How stupid do you think we are?
  5. Only subscribe to three months. After that, you should probably try another method of finding people.
  6. Don’t be afraid to block people.
  7. Don’t settle.
  8. Get to know a person through various methods such as phone calls or Skyping before agreeing to a first date.
  9. Be a little more professional in your profile. A picture of you smoking a bong or a description of saying that you don’t know what you want will attract only one thing: a one night stand.
  10. It’s okay to get excited over someone but use your brain too. Nothing wrong with messaging first.

All the best to you! Wish me luck.


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother


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