The Bachelor-Bachelorette Double Standard

The Bachelor-Bachelorette Double Standard

I have been a loyal Bachelor/Bachelorette fan for the past ten years. I have witnessed the romance, the tears, the laughter and of course, the drama. However, as I have grown, I have noticed something completely appalling.

If anyone watched last night’s episode, Andi’s first group date was to OHM nightclub where the guys had to strip for charity. The men’s nerves seemed to barely be an issue as the guys stripped down to speedos and man thongs and had some fun while Andi and the ladies were cheering them on.

On the contrary, I had to say that if this was The Bachelor and the women had to swing around some poles for charity, there would be riots everywhere. It may be the result of having the majority of viewers being female but still, we are easy to call Juan Pablo a pig but how about Andi?

Past Bachelor seasons had women in less than clothing situations. Jason’s season had the women paint moulds of their breasts and Juan Pablo had Andi and Lily have signs placed strategically over genitals and breasts and of course, their only defense was that everything was in the name of charity. Nonetheless, there was a different vibe, almost an awkward one in The Bachelor than it was in last night’s episode.

What do you guys think? Let me know by writing a comment!


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