“Hearing is with your ears, listening is with your heart”

“Hearing is with your ears, listening is with your heart”

This quote has always been inspirational for me. I first saw this quote in an agenda I had in the fourth or fifth grade. I thought it would be nice to start off this post.

I have said before that a relationship takes love, communication, appreciation and trust. This expression embodies communication completely. In a relationship, listening to one another is essential. It develops more than communication; it develops understanding. When we listen to one another, we understand the other person’s concerns, doubts, goals, woes and triumphs. A relationship is not about a title, nor should it ever be. It’s about two people and people are complicated. Therefore, time is needed in order to truly understand someone.

Superman and I are different in how we like to keep in contact. I am more of a traditional phone conversationalist where he likes to send me essays via text. After a long day at work, he likes to wind down and watch sports highlights. The first thing to come to anyone’s mind:

“How can sports or television be more important than talking to you?”

The fact of the matter is that even after talking on the phone and while he is enjoying his “me time”, he still makes an effort to text me. Not one word answers but complete well thought out paragraphs that indicate that he is listening to me but doesn’t want me to hear his groggy voice on the phone. I understand that I am a priority but I am not his only one.

From understanding, you learn to respect the person. If you go into a first date saying to yourself that you will change them, you’re doing it wrong. We are all going to have pet peeves but they are a part of the person. Your significant other may not express his affection and commitment in the same ways that you do and you shouldn’t expect them to. Otherwise, you would be dating yourself.


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