Are they driving you crazy? Tell me about it, literally!

Let’s be honest: our perfect match isn’t always so perfect. Whether it is not putting the toilet seat down, thinking every female friend is a mistress, having an annoying mother-in-law, getting really bad gendered love advice or any other crazy annoyance, love can sometimes be a roller coaster.

That’s why in addition to #TipTuesdays, The Modern Day Fairy Godmother will be starting #ManMadnessMondays and #WeCrazyWednesdays!

Got a crazy story about an overprotective father, a sleazy friend or a douchebag that never stops calling? Get it off your chest on the first day of your work week and embrace all the similar stories coming your way! Tag your story on Twitter as #ManMadnessMonday

Have a story about a controlling girlfriend, a psychoanalytical mother or a desperate friend? Get some laughs on your hump day by sharing it on Twitter with the hashtag #WeCrazyWednesday because let’s face it: I love poking fun at my own gender.

I will be sharing my stories as well and if it can’t fit into 140 characters or less, it will be featured as a blog post here. If you would like to blog about it, give The Modern Day Fairy Godmother a mention, followed by a tag of ManMadnessMonday or WeCrazyWednesday. At the end of the month, I will choose the funniest stories to be featured on my blog.

Not following on Twitter? Follow me @TMDFG1 or click “Follow” right beside this post if you don’t have Twitter.

Looking forward to hysteria!


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother


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