“Good things come to those who wait”

“Good things come to those who wait”

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not possess the virtue of patience. If you are two minutes late, you will get a phone call from me. Not ready to go when I am? I will be pacing back and forth in the hallway and giving you time updates every five minutes. Yes, I value punctuality despite the fact that I am not the most punctual person.

I am especially impatient when it comes to something I really desire. A new relationship, promotion at work or success on my blog? Yeah I want them and I wanted them immediately. However, waiting two years to finally get the promotion at work and getting the success for my blog a little over a year later was worth it. It made me work that much harder and appreciate these successes much more than I would had I received them immediately upon desire.

That’s when I realized. “Good things come to those who wait”, a once despised phrase, is now something I am proud to live by and I apply to my love life. I would rather invest in something, build that foundation and grow into a relationship than to have it immediately only for it to be short-lived. Why do you think that couples brag about waiting until their wedding day to make love or even kiss? It is that slow build up to that explosion of love that makes the wait worthwhile. It is about knowing one another, growing, maturing and investing in one another that makes love true. It is about wanting to be with a PERSON rather than wanting a STATUS.

Many may say that because Superman and I have been seeing one another for over three months that we should be in a relationship by now. We are definitely progressing but when we are both ready, that next step will become inevitable. Our relationship will be the best it can be because of the extra time we are taking to invest in it.

After all, good things come to those who wait 🙂


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother


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