Passion in Your Veins and Dedication to Have It Remain

The other day I was watching The Hundred Foot Journey with my family and one quote really caught my attention:

“In this restaurant, we do not serve others an old tired marriage but rather a passionate affair”.

In this way, the same can be applied to any relationship. You need passion to keep it alive. Love is not only intellectual but also visceral. If your gut is not telling you to be drawn to that person, you don’t belong with them. That passion needs to exist, not merely a sexual one, but an inexplicable attraction that encompasses physical, emotional, mental and intellectual aspects.

At the same time, the passion must be coupled with dedication. Superman and I discussed this at the beginning of our relationship. You can have all the passion, fire and desire out there but if dedication is not continuously fuelling and keeping it stable, your relationship will soon become disastrous. You need that interest but you also need commitment.

This interdependent relationship will allow your relationship to endure. It is a wonderful mix of puppy love and realistic guidelines that fall naturally with the both of you.


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother


New Understandings into 2015

Hey everyone,

I have officially returned! I really missed sharing my insights with you. I had to be absent because my degree’s program became very time-consuming and I also had to take some time to learn about my own relationship as well as other relationships in order to fully appreciate what I have been writing about for almost two years now.

As aforementioned, communication is key to every successful, healthy and happy relationship. However, it is the WAY that one communicates that determines whether an open dialogue about important topics will run smoothly.

Around the holidays, we are so caught up in our own stresses that we begin to show symptoms of “What about Me?” Syndrome. Our stress, troubles and worries become so consuming that we forget about the needs of our significant other. Although our significant other is there for emotional support, they are NOT your therapist. Relationships are all about reciprocity: if you are not paying attention to their emotional needs, how can you expect them to pay attention to yours?

As well, we live in a society where everything is rushed and has a timeline. Don’t do that to your relationship. You cannot achieve the naturalness of your love for one another and incorporation into one another’s lives if everything is structured and constrained.

If you don’t flow, your relationship won’t go.

Relationships are about how well you relate to one another in the midst of life’s circumstances. Therefore, work WITH one another and not against with one another. Be patient, be kind, be understanding and always ask what your partner needs and inform your partner of what you need out of your relationship.

Truly enjoy one another and your experiences together. Everything else is secondary. Treasure simultaneously your accomplishments as well as your journey ahead.


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother

7 Important Qualities Women Want In A Man

James Michael Sama

The question “what do women want?” has multiple answers for multiple areas of life. What do they want in a career? What do they want in a relationship? What do they want in a man?

The way a woman wants to be treated in a relationship is different than the inherent qualities she wants the man she is with to have. So, what qualities put you at the front of the pack when looking for a committed relationship?



Nobody wants a partner who flies off the handle all the time or who they need to walk on eggshells around. Plus, two different people from two different backgrounds will likely see the world differently and need to take time to learn about each other.

Be patient and understanding, take the time to learn new things from her and to also help her learn new things from you. Don’t get frustrated easily…

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