Passion in Your Veins and Dedication to Have It Remain

Passion in Your Veins and Dedication to Have It Remain

The other day I was watching The Hundred Foot Journey with my family and one quote really caught my attention:

“In this restaurant, we do not serve others an old tired marriage but rather a passionate affair”.

In this way, the same can be applied to any relationship. You need passion to keep it alive. Love is not only intellectual but also visceral. If your gut is not telling you to be drawn to that person, you don’t belong with them. That passion needs to exist, not merely a sexual one, but an inexplicable attraction that encompasses physical, emotional, mental and intellectual aspects.

At the same time, the passion must be coupled with dedication. Superman and I discussed this at the beginning of our relationship. You can have all the passion, fire and desire out there but if dedication is not continuously fuelling and keeping it stable, your relationship will soon become disastrous. You need that interest but you also need commitment.

This interdependent relationship will allow your relationship to endure. It is a wonderful mix of puppy love and realistic guidelines that fall naturally with the both of you.


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother


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