The Drama Deal

The Drama Deal

Drama. Either you deal with it or become a victim of it. However, even when you are not causing it, sometimes you become a part of it. You can have a drama-free relationship but the truth of the matter is that drama happens in life.

It can be your parents not understanding some of your life choices, your career not going to plan, a sudden change in residence or if you are as lucky as I am, all of the above happening at once. If your partner is supportive, you can make it through.

Nevertheless, sometimes this drama is not an accurate reflection of ourselves. We can act as the ugliest, nastiest, most vengeful beings because this drama brings about hurt and our strongest defence mechanisms are enacted. It is then that this drama affects our relationships.

Sometimes, our significant partners have better perspectives than we do because they are on the outside looking in. If they know truly who we are, they know what is best for us and know when we are not acting like ourselves. Most people will hide many of life’s circumstances to maintain a good image of themselves but that is the most counterproductive method.

The best way to deal with drama is not to become the drama which you are experiencing. Remain as calm (as possible) and rely on your partner for support rather than victimizing them in the process.

“Tough times don’t last. Tough people do”-Unknown.


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother


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