If you got a blank space, don’t write their name

A little Taylor Swift reference to start your day.

Relationships are wonderful, aren’t they? It’s nice to be in love and to be loved but let’s not forget that you fell in love with a person, not a relationship.

Nothing aggravates me more than a clingy couple. It can be argued that it’s none of my business but it does become my business when a friend can never hang out because they are ALWAYS with their SO. I mean, there is only so many times I can hear about their SO when I ask them how THEIR life is.

You fell in love with a person and they also fell in love with an individual. Therefore, it’s good to do things as a couple but to also do things as INDIVIDUALS. Go out with your friends. Give yourself a manicure. Doodle. Just be your fun true self.

Superman and I have been together for almost six months now. I love spending time with him but I equally love learning about his day when I’m not there. His interests are not always the same as mine, so I love hearing about old CDs that he got from the library or his fitness goals that he accomplished at the gym. He is an interesting man, even when he doesn’t think so.

Love is not grasping tightly. That’s possession.


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother


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