How to make your relationship work

How to make your relationship work

It seems like an odd title, doesn’t it?

The purpose of The Modern Day Fairy Godmother is so that relationships can work, so why am I posting about this as if it is a single topic? The reason is that I don’t think many people truly know how to make relationships work because they assume who the person with whom they are in a relationship is who they have in their head from the first date.

You can go on a dates for a year and will still not know everything about your significant other. Scary? Not really. You both have not spent a lifetime together and do not know how each other will act or react in certain situations. Superman and I went out for almost four months before getting into a relationship. The primary stage before a relationship is only to establish core values which will carry on for the rest of your lives. The quirks, pet peeves and things that you may never agree about all come LATER.

Why do you think that people who decide to live together or get married have a hard time adjusting the first few months? It is a NEW situation. After all, how were you going to know during a fancy dinner that Bob always puts the toilet paper the wrong way or that Sally loves to pop her pimples first thing in the morning? You don’t and you won’t until you are in that particular situation.

You are going to face challenges. You will butt heads. This doesn’t mean you throw in the towel because it is easy to do so. The most realistic relationship can be perfectly described by my conversation with Superman this past Friday:

M: “You are a pain in the ass”

S: “No, I’m a pain in YOUR ass”

Your significant other can be a pure idiot the worst of times but you still love them. If you know that you love one another, keep fighting and going through challenges…TOGETHER!

Life can be tough and there will be many trials and errors before you find a productive way to solve any issues. Allow the time to achieve that or you will truly miss out on something great.


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother


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