Awesome First Date Ideas

Awesome First Date Ideas

  1. Coffee Date. Coffee dates are great because it is a casual atmosphere and you can talk to one another without yelling over someone else. If the date is not going as well as you thought, at least you have something warm you are snuggling up to.
  2. Walk it out. Go on a nice walk but don’t take your date to a secluded area. Sometimes a walk on a nearby boardwalk or lake is romantic and unless you guys are anti-social, it is a perfect opportunity to explore your surroundings and talk about them with one another.
  3. Snakes and Lattes. This combines the first idea with a board game. You can know a lot about a person by their demonstration of teamwork and their presence or absence of competitive spirit. Will they be a person that will work with you or against you? Cards Against Humanity may give you some answers.
  4. Bowling. This allows you to bring out your competitive spirit and see if they are high maintenance. If all they do is complain about wearing bowling shoes, a second date may not be in their future.
  5. Mini golf. Who doesn’t love to feel like a kid again? It’s another place to talk and have a ton of fun.
  6. Take a class together. Whether it’s painting or doing something completely out of the box, these classes will allow you to see the other person’s talents or efforts if they are not so skilled. You get to examine their tastes and just build on any chemistry that is flowing.

Any great first dates you have been on? Any first date blunders? Sound off in the comments below!


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