I Can Live Without You

I Can Live Without You

They say that you should marry the person you can’t live without.
I can live without you. I can get my tired ass up to eat my three 400 calorie meals a day, slave over essays and spend mind numbing hours at work. 
I can still succeed because I’m a hard worker and was before you came into my life. 
I can still be happy because you are not the sole root of my happiness. My happiness began with myself and the people and things in my life are the branches.
Who would I share my triumphs, sorrows and challenges with? Sure I can share those with friends and family but there is something truly unique about your understanding, encouragement and support. 
Who would make me laugh and smile so much that I felt like I was dating a childhood best friend? No one truly ignites my soul like you do. 
Who would inspire me with their ambition, creativity and passion? I have people in my life but no one I really consider so similar to me.
One can get used to lack of companionship, affection and attention. At the same time, a tired, miserable couple can live with one another, even though they are reluctant to do so.
You are not my addiction nor a filling of a void, so my love for you isn’t a sedation for a hatred of living my own life. 
You’re in my life because simply YOU are in my life and that is what I love. 
So in these ways, yes I can live without you but why the hell would I WANT to? 

I love you Superman ❤️



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