If You Want to Open Your Heart, Open Your Mind

If You Want to Open Your Heart, Open Your Mind

In order for any relationship to grow and for even you to grow as your own person, you must open your mind to new experiences, perspectives and challenges.

This is no easy feat. When you have encountered heartbreak, a similar adventure may resemble a red flag from the past. Past trauma may force us to retreat into our comfort zones and resist the new, the unknown and the unfamiliar. You know what they say: trust no one.

However, a piece of wisdom came from my mother over this past weekend: never stop giving each person the benefit of the doubt. At first, this seemed strange as it never worked out in my favour to give someone the benefit of the doubt. It makes sense though because if someone shows you their true colours, it is not your fault that they were horrible; it is theirs. Why should someone’s malice ruin your well-intended heart?

Once you open your heart and mind to someone, you become vulnerable and your walls come down. The right person will deserve your trust as they will guard your heart while at the same time challenge you to explore and discover new opportunities and experiences that will not only benefit you but the relationship as well.

Open yourself up. The possibilities become endless.


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother