Too busy to care?

I have a confession: I am a workaholic. After all, what sane person is writing a blog at midnight when they want to go for an early morning run?

I have a need to always be productive. I have a 5-year plan. I have daily to-do lists made months in advance. I am always looking for new inspiration, new projects and new opportunities. Sitting on the couch does not sit well with me (pardon the pun). Even going out makes me feel productive because I am putting effort into my family, relationship and friendships.

There is one thing that is not consistent with being a workaholic: I am not too busy to care.

I will never be the mother who is booking appointments over the phone while at her daughter’s dance recital. Fatigue from work may limit me but it does not excuse me from others. Instead of going clubbing after work, I may opt for a romantic night-in and some warm cuddles. Whenever I am with someone I care about, the phone is away. It is not even in my pocket. It is in my purse, on the ground. After all, out of sight, out of mind.

I may casually check it every couple of hours to make sure that no one is dying but other than that, I am not glued to it. There is no reason to be. How can one enjoy every moment in life if they are avoiding it through a screen? More importantly, how can you COMMUNICATE in a relationship when you are not communicating at all?

Put down the phone and have some face time that is not created by Steven Jobs. I have always hated phones at the dinner table. My family will know dinner time around the table. People should not only be the source of a wifi password. The best moments of my life (getting on High School Honour Roll, accepted to Canada’s Top University, asked to be the girlfriend of the best man in the world, conquering anxiety and much more) did not happen via a screen. It happened organically, naturally and spontaneously. That’s how every relationship should be.

True love is never superficial. Take care of it.


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother


Busy days don’t make us stray

I think that a lot of people make up really poor excuses to break up such as “I fell out of love with you”, “I have to find myself” or the best one:

“Our schedules are not compatible”.

Let’s face it, busy days don’t make us stray. It’s how we truly feel that makes us stay or stray. It’s what in our hearts and who remains in our hearts that determines our level of commitment. If we are not committed, we will find any excuse to avoid and escape.

There are times where we are not 100% ourselves and we would rather sleep than be romantic. However, if we can we still say that we love them and still enjoy their most romantic gestures, that’s what matters.

If you truly love them, you will make time, no matter what the reason.


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother