How to Make your First Chance be your Door to Forever

No matter what you have heard, first impressions are very important. They may not always be correct but they can nevertheless be memorable and long-lasting. For example, when I first met one of my closest friends, I thought she was very reserved and kept to herself. We laugh about it to this day.

However, when it comes to relationships, people may not be as patient and forgiving. A bad first date does not always encourage a second one, especially when mistakes were within your control. People make great first impressions when they are considerate, friendly, approachable, kind and social. If it doesn’t work out, you may make a connection as a friend or professional contact, which may lead you closer to the person that is better suited for you. Therefore, it is important to make every meeting you have with someone meaningful for all aspects of your life.

I discovered this video a little while back and I think it is perfect for advice on first impressions. Check it out!

What are your thoughts? What do you think makes a good first impression and what makes a great first date? Sound off in the comments below!


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Awesome First Date Ideas

  1. Coffee Date. Coffee dates are great because it is a casual atmosphere and you can talk to one another without yelling over someone else. If the date is not going as well as you thought, at least you have something warm you are snuggling up to.
  2. Walk it out. Go on a nice walk but don’t take your date to a secluded area. Sometimes a walk on a nearby boardwalk or lake is romantic and unless you guys are anti-social, it is a perfect opportunity to explore your surroundings and talk about them with one another.
  3. Snakes and Lattes. This combines the first idea with a board game. You can know a lot about a person by their demonstration of teamwork and their presence or absence of competitive spirit. Will they be a person that will work with you or against you? Cards Against Humanity may give you some answers.
  4. Bowling. This allows you to bring out your competitive spirit and see if they are high maintenance. If all they do is complain about wearing bowling shoes, a second date may not be in their future.
  5. Mini golf. Who doesn’t love to feel like a kid again? It’s another place to talk and have a ton of fun.
  6. Take a class together. Whether it’s painting or doing something completely out of the box, these classes will allow you to see the other person’s talents or efforts if they are not so skilled. You get to examine their tastes and just build on any chemistry that is flowing.

Any great first dates you have been on? Any first date blunders? Sound off in the comments below!


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother

Is a wingman truly effective?

You see someone at a bar who is looking at you and smiling. They’re really cute. You just don’t know to approach them. Your best friend gives you a mischievous grin and you are hoping that they don’t act like Barney from How I Met Your Mother, pulling you up and asking “Have you met Ted?”

First meetings and impressions can be awkward and uncomfortable to say the least. After all, how do you gain the attention of someone you know nothing about? The wingman or wingwoman is usually a favourite but I argue that it is only useful in one situation: among friends.

If you are at an event with your friend, they can introduce you to their friends and if you strike up conversation with someone of interest, it’s a success! However, if they are doing your work for you, it’s a major failure.

How so? Confidence is a big asset in sex appeal and attraction. Getting your buddy to go up to a guy/girl and tell them that “my friend over there really likes you. What do you think?” is as appealing as watching paint dry. It’s a middle school tactic that not only makes it incredibly awkward for you but also for the person whose attention you are trying to get.

A person who takes initiative is a person who is remembered. It does not matter what gender you are. If you want to talk to someone, TALK TO THEM and please don’t use a pick up line. I started talking to Superman by simply saying “Hey, how’s it going?” It worked. It was something neutral and not sensitive and you can build from there.

Even non-verbal cues work. If you are across the bar, you can motion that you are going to get another drink or nod over to the dancefloor and see if they follow. If not, you know that they are just not that into you. It also doesn’t hurt to pay attention to what they are interested in. If you are at a coffee shop, see if they are reading a book or newspaper. Perhaps pick up the same newspaper, read it and smile at them. A commonality is established and it’s a sweet gesture that you want to get involved in their interests.

It’s about being personable and approachable. Another person cannot do that for you.

What have you done or another person has done in order to break the ice? Sound off in the comments below!


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother