Struggling to find your significant other a gift? Here’s your answer!

So it’s six days until Christmas Day. If you are smart like me, your gift shopping is already done and just needs to be wrapped. If you are like the majority of people reading this and the title caught your eye, you are in a bit of a panic. Don’t worry, there is still time. After all, there are six days left.

I have read dozens of articles about the “Perfect Gift for Him/Her” and have heard the familiar lament of people claiming that men or women are difficult to buy gifts for.

I am about  to tell you something revolutionary to solve this problem.



Are you ready?



I am not sure if you are.



It is going to solve everything…..









In fact, you are the one who is making it difficult for yourself. It is a matter of being attentive. We give our significant others hints without even knowing it. If you have ever been casually strolling through a mall, there will definitely be one thing they will point out that they like or something that you pointed out that they thought was nice. If you remember that moment, there is an idea.


Also, it was probably brought up in conversation. Remember laying down and just talking about childhood experiences or funny things you are a fan of? That’s the perfect inspiration for a gift. Superman remembered that I did ballet as a kid and got me tickets to go see The Nutcracker and I remembered that he never went to see a Leafs game and I got him tickets for a game.

However, you don’t need to be as extravagant as us. Sometimes, getting creative is never a bad thing. Do a scrapbook of favourite memories or a photo album. Knit or paint them something if that’s what you are into. After all, it is the thought that counts.

Hope this helps!


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother


Each day is a gift

Superman and I celebrated 6 months a little over a month ago. We went to The Keg for dinner and our server asked if we were celebrating anything. We hesitated and then said we were celebrating a half-anniversary. We ended up getting a free dessert for it (you got to try the Billy Minor Pie. So good!)

Besides the free dessert, 6 months is something worth celebrating. Every day is worth celebrating. So why be embarrassed? One day together is not less legitimate than one year together. The love is still there and it may be a different love in the sense that you know more about one another but it is still love.

Love is a verb. Each day, I decide to give my heart to someone and to treasure them wholeheartedly. That person is the same one everyday for over seven months now (more like almost a year since I had feelings from the start) because I want him to be the love of my life and he makes me very happy.

So, if you want to celebrate one hour, one day, one month, one year or one decade, don’t let anyone stop you. You’re not juvenile for doing it.

After all, the world could use more love in it.


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother