Gratitude and Shared Responsibility

Gratitude and Shared Responsibility

Anniversaries are in the air and for me, there are two of them. Superman and I have officially known one another for a year and The Modern Day Fairy Godmother is a little over two years old! Thank you all for your continued support, even though I have not written in a while. There will definitely be  new material on its way!

With anniversaries in mind, it is easy to see that you appreciate someone more as time goes on. They have been there through more life experiences, supported you to be the best you can be and you find more reasons to love them.

However, not every relationship is like this. Resentment is built up over time as the result of responsibilities not being shared such as paying bills and household chores; things start to no longer resemble random acts of kindness but rather become expectations of one another. Expectations lead to taking things for granted when they really should not be.

Gratitude and appreciation is disappearing nowadays. A simple thank you or another form of praise really does go a long way. We expect so much from people that we do not realize the hard work and effort that goes into what they do that makes our lives easier. Divorces happen because of this. How many times do you hear out of a divorced couple that they:

  • are not “heard”?
  • are not “appreciated”?
  • are not “seen”?
  • are not “loved”?

All of these stem from lack of gratitude and appreciation within a relationship. Routine kills relationships. Even though my loving boyfriend would never dream of not making sure that I had a safe ride home in his car, I always ask if it is okay that I can get a drive.This has puzzled him  and he always ask why I bother to ask. I ask because he is not my personal chauffeur. I ask because he is human, works almost 60 hours a week and gets tired. I ask because showing my gratitude, appreciation and most importantly, CONSIDERATION for him shows him how much I truly care about him and all that he does for me.

So if you have a home-cooked meal, a nice dinner paid for, a comfortable drive home, a dusted living room or something that made your life just a bit easier today, say thank you. You do not know how much it will mean to them.


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother