Isn’t presence enough?

Isn’t presence enough?

It’s the middle of wedding season, ladies and gentlemen! That means last minute fittings for wedding dresses, sprucing up bouquets, making sure your banquet hall is perfect and that your vows are something no one will ever forget. Let’s add in nerves on top of all the other things you have to worry about and then, you remember that you have to shop for something: wedding favours.

The most pointless things on the planet.

They are little statues, dinner plates, bottle stoppers or something else that you can buy for cheap. You are providing your guests with an elegant dinner, great entertainment, free alcohol and a club experience (without cover!) but they are still expecting to receive something that they will most likely throw out or sell at a garage sale?

When you are paying for all of this for your guests and your guests decide to give you money in return, I see it as a mutual exchange. Guests are not required to give a gift but most do because they know how much effort the couple has put into their wedding and have gone out of their way to accomodate all of their loved ones.

These wedding favours seem like loot bags at a children’s party.

I have been to some weddings recently and what I have seen done is money donated to a charity or a professional photographer set up for the night and each guest gets an individual, professional shot taken of themselves. These concepts seem more useful and appropriate

What do you think of wedding favours? A nice gesture or unnecessary? Sound off in the comments below!


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother

Wedding Wars

Wedding Wars

In light of wedding season, I thought that this topic  would be important. So you’re planning a wedding or in a wedding party and you are thinking of every last detail from the position of the flowers to the carefully chosen words of your speech to when songs will be played. The best piece of advice I can give anyone? RELAX!

Not everything is going to be 100% perfect the  day of the wedding. Something is going to slip but the most important thing is focus on the fact that you or someone close to you has found their soulmate is getting married. Isn’t that what this day is all about?

We make fun of bridezillas but why? It’s because they focus on every last, tedious, minuscule detail as opposed to the big picture of the wedding. A wedding day symbolizes more than just a large celebration in and of itself; it is the celebration of the beginning of a marriage, a loving lifetime commitment.

Last weekend, I was a bridesmaid for my aunt’s wedding. It was a beautiful day but we did have a few wedding mishaps. Here are a list of wedding oops that we have encountered:

  • Got lost in a parking lot
  • My mother’s hand getting stung by a mysterious bug
  • Staining my dress merely an hour before the wedding
  • The stylist messing up my hair
  • flowergirls getting a bit fussy when taking pictures
  • The best man forgot the rings
  • Forgetting the props for a speech
  • Groomsman got drunk

However, here is a list of all the positives that happened:

  • My aunt got married to the love of her life
  • Everyone looked stunning
  • Everyone’s speech was great from the oldest to the youngest member of the wedding party
  • We all busted out some great dance moves
  • The food was yummy
  • We all had a great time

In life, it’s about what matters most: our love for another.


The Modern Day Fairy Godmother